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Thank you for visiting Immersive Prayer.  This site offers reflections, vignettes of poetry, art and meditations as a glimpse into my appreciation of Christ’s love and action in the world.  Perhaps these thoughts can be a catalyst to immerse yourself within the moments of your own faith journey and the joy associated with loving God, community and neighbor. The site is organized into the various sections below. Most of the material is available in Kindle and paperback book form on Amazon.

Scripture Reflections Cover

Daily Scripture Reflections using the prayer of Lectio Divina.  It is my hope is that by sharing them you may find resonance and think about your own reflections and what they mean for you as you read the related Scripture. They are listed in seasonal order from about one week ahead. If you using a mobile device you can get get to the seasonal groupings here or scroll further down for recent reflections.

Ephphatha That is Be Opened cover 1Ephphatha, That is, Be Opened is a compilation of daily Lectionary Scripture Reflections using the prayer of Lectio Divina for 2020. These daily reflections are available on the Immersive Prayer site for all three yearly cycles. Search can be used to find a particular reading.


Contemplatio Absconsa Mysteria CoverContemplatio, Absconsa, Mysteria: To Contemplate Hidden Mysteries is a collection of the classic Mysteries and 16 alternate mysteries.  “Besides the precis“e rosary pattern long known to Catholics, we can freely experiment. New sets of mysteries are possible. (Bishops Pastoral Letter).” Includes James Tissot’s art and Lectio Divina mediations.


Cover Inspired By The Living Flame of LoveInspired by The Living Flame of Love is a compilation of daily Scripture Reflections for 2019 (Year C) using the prayer of Lectio Divina for 2019. Current and historical individual reflections are available here at Scripture Reflections.



Contemporary midrashs coverThese contemporary midrash’s contain scenarios, thought and exploration that have been assembled not to prove anything but rather to create a non-historical thought provoking perspective. A Midrash is an ancient Jewish prayerful interpretation and/or commentary on biblical text done in story form to assist in explaining scripture. My use of the midrash technique requires the immersion into the perceived life of holy characters done with research and considerable prayer.

Although by Night is a compilation of daily Scripture Reflections for 2018 using the prayer of Lectio Divina. Current and historical Individual reflections are available at Scripture Reflections.



Complatio coverContemplatio Abscona Mysteria (To Contemplate Hidden Mysteries) is a list scriptural-based Rosary Bead Mysteries.  The Rosary Mysterious of Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious and Luminous are further extended to include personal alternate, additional or what are called experimental mysteries based on themes in scripture. Each individual mystery includes art from James Tissot and a Lectio Divina mediation which can be used as an example for individualized meditation.

Dipsao coverDipsao – I Thirst is based on the scriptural transliterated Greek word “dipsa­­­­­­ō” which means the state of being thirsty. Blessed Mother Theresa concluded  that Christ’s striking words are a prayer of an endless two-way thirst of both giving and receiving love. I have had my thirst satiated by countless Christ like people so I humbly share their “I” and their effect on me.


This Via Lucis known as the The Way of Light and Stations of Resurrection celebrates and highlights the most glorious time in the Christian liturgical year, the fifty days from Easter to Pentecost. This Via Lucis variation uniquely considers the mystical presence of St. Joseph in our encounter with the living Christ. A suggested contemplative approach for this Via Lucis is to read the scripture reading then imagine yourself in each painting.

The Kingdom of HeavenGood and honorable priests who are committed to their charism and are exemplars of Christian holiness deserve nothing less than their Church finding ways to re-elevate them in the eyes of the world. A partial solution is to leverage their sanctity so they more deeply become “merchants seeking the finest pearls.”


Chanterelles in the Garden coverChanterelles in The Garden focuses a highlighting lens on God’s grandeur. This beauty takes many forms from a glorious swath of Chanterelle Mushrooms at a moist riverside in God’s Garden to interior revelations and discovery that take our breath away. Windows open to the truth and love of Christ.


The Color of My Heart CoverThe Color of My Heart offers an examination of recollections that yield personal insights worth pursuing towards becoming a better person.  The title of the book is metaphorical language describing Christ’s Love as a common thread of our hearts true color. The Color of My Heart is Love.


A Moment for Christ coverA Moment for Christ captures moments of metamorphosis when there can be no explanation other than faith. When we allow these moments to unite with Christ we can discover how and what shape we are to become. 



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I share this site with virtually no restrictions. If you would like to use anything on the site  please observe copyright laws by contacting me for re-purposing which I will freely provide for any non-profit use.

I wish to be clear that the thoughts contained on this site are simply personal reflections of my own sense of God’s love, grace and action in the world. My faith is deeply rooted in Roman Catholic teaching with special emphasis on actively encountering and living the Beatitudes.

Scripture quotations are from the New Revised Standard Version Bible: Catholic Edition, copyright © 1989, 1993 the Division of Christian Education of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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