A Better Man

Silently he watched, halfway between dark and light
Did he expect me to make a final move towards right
When I closed my eyes to pray, he simply vanished
into nothingness, I did not believe his task finished

Prayer did not stop, since I found myself suspended
in the thinness that had amassed with my new friend
A movement glimpsed to my left, briefly considered
then rejected, as a thought to be left behind for good

Prayer deepened to a closeness recalled in a moment
of Christ touching me with love’s acknowledgement
I knew then where I was, I had found my way inside
the man I had seen when my eyes were opened wide

God had offered and I accepted a different way to be
This new man I am growing into being is a new me
I am shedding desires to be filled with selfish needs
Instead, in the darkness I am finding light supersedes

There is great joy that I cannot find words to explain
Love overwhelms what physical senses constrained
My prayer ended, I had left the stillness of eternity
To slip comfortably into the shell of a new humanity

I woke up one day surprised by a sensation of not having any personal desires.  I threw on a coat and walked directly outside into the cold and dark of nature.   In deep and silent prayer I discovered the sensation was a real metaphor for something God wanted me to learn.   In that moment I accepted the reality that I was becoming the better man I had been striving for. 

For further reflection: Colossians 3