A Lone Mosquito

Minutes go by in the solitude as daylight dawns
Perhaps because it is a weekend, I feel at peace
Street sounds one of many musical instruments
My Bible does not open, I am in a different book

Birds awaken what nature becomes in the crisp air
Each call unique, while I consume their happiness
The calm absorbs tensions built over a hectic week
God has chosen to visit, I, reach towards his love

Sweets emerge from the surrounding environment
Harmony is in everything, each leaf a living flame
Love pours in far beyond what I deserve and need
Humbled, the task quite clear, love must be shared

A lone mosquito interrupts the journey I am on
And turns me towards the filtered sun’s horizon
My heart is filled from what faith has brought
The cup slowly empties as daylight turns dark

Creation has not forgotten my wish to participate
It lets the window open to a hopeful soul’s desire
Tenderness flows both ways as I accept the grace
Love the message; silently its action is expressed


Even though it was a very cool day and dawn’s light was just beginning to appear, I felt the urge to join creation out on our covered swing. I brought my laptop with me as I had no doubt I was going to be writing something.  It was one of those imagined mornings when the sun was slowly rising, song birds were singing and everything was right with the world.  Deep prayer had come quite easily but was suddenly interrupted by a mosquito that had discovered a meal. I was surprised when I flicked him off rather than swatting. I knew then I had been immersed in a love that cannot be expressed in words but in action.  I can only continue to try. 

For further reflection: Mark 4