A Long Way From Yes

At the hikes apogee, peace created space for a question to appear
A why, why did I feel an internal pull towards something near
This was not the first time I sensed this was a place I had to go
Previously resisted, the challenge always waited another tomorrow

Intense summer heat pushed aside, accepting, my arms opened wide
I surrendered to the silence, to the invisible faith nurtured inside
Weighty burdens were gently lifted and I too rose from the terrain
Legs kept pace with the pumping of unspoken words in my brain

There was no choice but trust the unknown of what I was to do
as I had heard myself answer a firm yes to Christ’s subtle clue
My boots again found earth’s surface right where it should be
I knew I was forever changed moving towards a hidden destiny

Time has passed, I am still not sure what is behind the shear curtain
but have no doubt of my correct response to the wordless question
I have found not a what, but rather would I be willing to be blessed
Looking back, the answer seems such a long, long way from yes


Immediately after first getting involved with helping a number of non profit organizations I began to feel this strange longing sensation.   Although extremely hot I decided to go on a hike as walking always brings on a temporary inner peace. The intense summer heat at the halfway point became unbearable. I realized I too had reached a tipping point. It made me think of Christ in the middle of the desert reflecting and praying to his Father.

It seemed like the clue I needed, I knew my only choice was to use my faith to agree to whatever this longing was. Out of nowhere I heard myself shout yes.  The second I did I had this overwhelming sensation that my burdens were lifted both emotionally and physically.  I have no choice but admit I have felt very different since that moment.  Looking back I have realized that this was perhaps the first time in my life I had truly accepted Christ into my heart.

For further reflection:  Matthew 11