A Still More Excellent Way

God’s gift of love lets our soul climb towards its mystery
Its ladder’s hidden rungs spiral upward into His infinity
Each step along the way leads further still into the depth
Into an unconditional endless pool for us to simply accept

I have found it there among the ruins of life’s complexities
When wrongs seem to stretch out as far as the eye can see
It is there buried alongside the sin of pride, when I forget
That all I am comes from a single source that faith has met

Love’s secret has brought me out of self centered reality
Into the center where I have found a living community
A place that touches the constant shadow of heavens glow
Where neighbor is anyone, as all God’s creation is hallow

What is given must be passed along, freely given away
Using life’s lessons that I have collected along the way
Gifts that have no meaning without loves sweet pleasure
A still more excellent way to delight in God’s treasure


I must admit that I have allowed myself to explore uncharted ground in my relationship with God. Sometimes it feels like I have climbed to the top of a personal ladder and touched the shadow of something beyond anything I could have ever imagined.  At what I thought of as the top rung, at heights of unlimited views was the undeniable singularity that God is pure love. There is no doubt that He wants me to simply enjoy it.  I recognize others gifts in my life, but the greatest of these is love which is amplified when I share it in community.   

For further reflection: 1 Corinthians 13