A Wall of Crystal

The last chance of spring snow had long disappeared
A little brook near home called to discover its source
Responding was easy, as going off trails now familiar
Green plants’ tips became visible in the warmed earth

My pace, beyond modest, as the end was miles away
Moss covered rocks at the edges glistened in the sun
A sharp corner caught my attention, I slowed down
The brook’s bank rose sharply into pale white light

My heart skipped a beat, my breathing stopped short
A micro gorge had been sliced through solid granite
Heat from winter’s thaws formed a wall of crystal ice
Below, the brook flowed clear through a little pool

I was in awe then prayed for what I was sent to find
A gift to remember, a rare treasure so close to home
A year of seasons had to pass to share with my wife
As the wall would be melted before we could return



When it is time to go for a hike, my mind always races with possibilities. This time it was a strong urge to follow a close to home brook to its source. I had been to this particular brook many times, as I liked the moss that grew along the rock lining the banks, but never in early spring. 

No doubt God wanted me to see an ice wall that was stunningly remarkable. I prayed deeply for the opportunity I had to witness its beauty, knowing I could bring my wife to it the next year, which is when we took the picture below. I learned a significant lesson in that one day. I thought I wanted to pilgrimage to Guadalupe. Now I no longer have this desire, as the extraordinary nature of God’s wisdom, touch and beauty is well within the ordinary reach of my life.

For further reflection: Job 28