Abruptness stops the mellowness
Unheated water boils uneasiness
In darkness, truths glow luminous
Our souls cry out, calling holiness

Depression casts for its loneliness
Feeding ungrateful, ravenousness
Self can escape self-centeredness
Hope becomes a new restlessness

Feel God’s love in the wilderness
Leave behind Satan’s cleverness
Abandon time for breathlessness
Share with Christ the brokenness

Trust what is in His peacefulness
Grace restores life in forgiveness
When we find prayerful quietness
God will soften life’s abruptness


Sometimes things come at me so abruptly and hard I am overwhelmed and cannot handle it. Seeking a place in the wilderness to be alone with Christ is salve for my brokenness. There is always a moment in the walk when I know I can return home, because God’s love has allowed me to deal with whatever the issue might be.  God has never failed to allow my mind, body and spirit to find peace in the quiet of the Garden.  Grace replaces all negativity with new hope. The abruptness of whatever was thrown at me mellows out and my restlessness redirects to pleasing God.