An Endless Love Story

Seeking the cold and infirmed, a journey of the heart
Wounds dressed in tenderness, only love could impart
This miracle son, living witness, to compassions victory
His intelligence, unmasked society’s hidden understory

Heaven’s veil split, letting him touch the pure holiness
of God’s forgotten invisibles, the sacred fortuneless
Welling up a beauty, few young men have dared known
Mission’s gauntlet thrown down, formed a life of its own

Sanctity pursued, this young man perfection blessed
His union with Christ overflowed, evil acquiesced
Millions have felt his lasting spirit enter their souls
Endless works of charity, as history, daily unfolds

His voice breaks the silence, calling them to respond
Fredrick’s love story, continues like ripples in a pond
Church without walls, help for those in need by you
Because they will always be with us, they, our body too

His mentors Vincent and Louise helped claimed the hunger
They could not stand ideally by to watch humanity suffer
Their inner self, transformed by gifts of love’s grace
Those, who journey to Christ’s heart, can see, His face


When I first decided to deepen my faith, I asked a priest friend who he thought might be an inspiration for me.  He knew I had been working with young adults, so he suggested Fredrick Ozanam.  I explored Fredrick’s effort in wonder as he established the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul. His idea as a professional, acting in a lay religious capacity struck me as an exceptional example of Christ telling us “many others will do more than I have”.

When I attended our own local St. Vincent de Paul conference I was instantly struck by the lasting effect of Blessed Fredrick’s purpose. This group’s mercy and love for others was absolute. Fredrick’s love continues to ripple endlessly.

For further reflection: Young Frederick Ozaman and those who continue his legacy



Love’s Ripples