An Ordinary Man

An ordinary man awakens in joy to hope filled days
where love is centered, nothing can get in its way
Even in times best forgotten, when he’d rather hide
he feels loves gentle flush that he has invited inside

An ordinary man reaches in kindness to help all out
He feels this call naturally, un-restrained by doubt
In peace, his life abounds in faith and hope of course
Reflected back in delight from its endless source

An ordinary man’s imagination of God, never done
seeking answers, moving towards infinite horizon
Destiny not in things, pleasure or earthly embrace
but rather, encouraging souls with sweets of grace

An ordinary man works hard as should any man
God’s action clearly seen in his well worn hands
He willingly turns away from sin, vanity and vice
Preferring instead the simple ways of a just life

An ordinary man knows when he must let go
His burdens held in spiritual arms rightly so
Prayers of comfort called out in times of grief
His thoughts turn to God in healing belief

An ordinary man wears his strength casually
for he is humble within his shell of humanity
He reflects, he ponders, he thanks, he prays
that an ordinary man can be like Christ someday


Regardless of who we are, male or female we are ordinary until we let the supernatural love from Christ into our hearts.  He alone can provide the path to our success.

For further reflection: St. John of the Cross – Ascent of Mount Carmel