As I See It

Our triune God has found a dwelling to be trusted
In the freedom I found, I have let Him be admitted

God the Holy Father sent Jesus into the world for us
Now His son is inside of me, no longer anonymous

In His divinity Jesus prayed God send an advocate
The Holy Spirit to protect, comfort and accentuate

Through the Spirit I have found the human Christ
And He has found me in His ultimate sacrifice

Christ my friend has brought me to my knees
To let me sense the gift of His Fathers reality

All of them are Lord, are One in the vast universe
But that universe is also inside, we are immersed

You see, as I see it we are together in God as one
As God unites each one of us into His perfection

With these thoughts I have come to see the enormity
That each and every one of us are precious entities

Each dwelling is an open door for the love of Trinity
As God is not a visitor but has infinite permanency 

As I see it, there is joy inside these awesome walls
But, I must live the freedom outside, live what calls


My entire adult life has been a roller coaster struggle with thinking God’s entire plan for me is based on personal intimacy.  I would get occasional glimpses of a more holistic God which without realizing it would send me spiraling down. I would then come back up when I felt the intimacy again.    The last three years in particular have been very eye opening in my faith journey.  While I clearly know intimacy with the Trinity is awesome and very important, I have come to see something outside of myself.

God has shaken me to the very core with desires to help Him change the world.  Previously I choose to ignore these subtleties enjoying a wonderful faith filled life. Now, as I see it I must embrace them, allow the freedom of my decision to change and shape me.  I must let the extraordinary happen, to escape outside of who I think I am and let God’s will call me towards the universe, call me towards togetherness. 

For further reflection: Ephesians 1