As Loud as Butterfly Wings

In the dim candlelight’s shadow
your bowed down brown hood
captured my imagination
At first, I was not sure you knew
that I watched you pray

I felt invited to enter your prayer
In the shared cavern, I heard my name
My answer slipped free
Yes Lord

Echoed back
Not for me, but for others to receive
In the sacredness, peace entered deep
I will never forget the surrounding holiness

In the silence……
One singular mutual thought surfaced

Let Christ’s yoke bear your weariness
Our prayer continued
love poured in without constraints
It’s tenderness built layer upon layer
Wonderful, beautiful, glorious

In communion……
Nothing became to matter
Sweet symphonies filled my head
My open heart traveled fearlessly
beating as loud as butterfly wings
We drifted peacefully on waves of grace

I was awakened……
A sliver of moonlight brushed against my face
There was no need for more than a brief glance
Without human words
I had confirmed with you
Prayer gathers light from eternity

The intensity of participating silently in prayer with someone who does not even acknowledge your presence took me to places I had not been before. I had gone on a personal retreat and was the only guest. When I entered the church for a brief evening prayer I immediately noticed the only light, came from a single candle and a monk barely visibly in the darkness.  It felt like I was in a cave safe from everything.

My imagination took over as I felt invited further into an even safer place that seemed comforting, full of love and quite real. I did not even realize a couple of hours had gone by, allowing the full moon to pass directly overhead. The skylight, let a sliver of the moon’s light touch my face “awakening” me.  The monk made a slight movement affirming love that had poured in, that I was to share.

For further reflection: Observing someone in deep prayer with 2 Corinthians 12:2-4



The Sound of Butterfly Wings