At the Edge

It seems to me, the edge is always near
Not easy to see, so I have learned to fear
The crevasse wide, shallowness illusion
The other side, hell rewards obtrusion

I must seek peace, pray for my mistakes
Let them release, bonds I need to break
Instead embrace, destroy self-centeredness
Accept Christ’s love, distribute and let bless

When at the edge, I need to face away
Honor my pledge, to never lose my way
Edge ever close, it will always be there
Living Logos, God hears my silent prayer

His love cradles, blocks the other side’s allure
Earthly angels, help guide me and make me sure
With grace sometimes, the edge no longer there
Perhaps sublime, His gift to show He cares

My agape, I offer in return
Let it outweigh, my occasional sojourns
All I can ask, is that loves flame unhide
What is masked, at the edge of this side


Sometimes it seems the beauty I see on the other side is better than what I have. When I slip, as I often do, what I find there is an illusion.  I am so fortunate to have a loving God that forgives my mistakes and takes me back like it never happened. I am not alone as I have friends, prayer and God’s unconditional love to keep me from slipping towards the edge.

For further reflection:  Mark 8