Because I Love You

Because I Love You

Heaven looked down upon perfection
to pray in hope, that His moment stilled
wandering hearts distracted by sensuality

His arms opened wide despite the pain
embracing all well outside physical reach
Pure love flowed, touching the entire cosmos

Divinity, had walked a long timeline
to send a message in a lasting heartbeat
that any man, can become God like too

Near a point where land meets heaven
I asked God…. why would we be so blessed
His answer magnified…. “Because I Love You”

Now, when Christ’s grace becomes visible
mercy’s warming shivers stand my neck hairs tall
I must write, of how worthy we are, of the Cross

During the process of formulating the plan to immerse myself within other’s ministries I had an encounter that drew on my knowledge of Scripture. With it came a profound realization that The Word Became Flesh compels us to do the same. As I worked my way through this revelation, it began to be clear why so many people in my life were being Christ like. They all had their crosses to bear, yet they were putting their faith into action. During reflection about the Veneration of the Cross, it occurred to me that each of us is infinitely joined to the Cross of Christ. In that instant of recognition, warming shivers sent the hair on my neck straight up.

The shivers repeated each time I witnessed this veneration in action. I had to enter the solitude of the forest again, to seek out why God would share this profound sense with me and continue to give us of Himself in the form of so many different Graces. The “Because I Love You” answer echoed again and again, amplified a thousand fold. I was left with no choice but to feebly attempt to express why others do what they do.

For further reflection: Luke 24


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