Behold Your Mother

Death is not a pretty thing, as it proves mortality
Each tear shed, a sign of beauty’s paradoxology
Care and mercy arrive softly, hope ascends
Time passes, new discoveries, honest friends

To watch these scenes unfold is truth’s privilege
Love overcomes everything, love heals damage
Repeatedly, I see soothing of its tenderness
A thousand years seem to pass without loneliness

Behind all of this, a single moment to recall
the dying words Christ said before the gall
to the disciple he loved, “behold your mother”
It all makes sense, unconditional love for her

This woman in pain and grief, yet full of grace
She needed human warmth, another loving face
another graced hand to hold, to bring her through
touching transcendence so her story, could continue


I am always amazed when I encounter natural compassion. It makes me instantly think of Christ’s unconditional love oozing mercy and compassion even in his dying moments. Those who are the recipient like Mary, may already be full of grace but there is always room for humble heartfelt human concern. For me these moments show the range of God’s transcendence.
For further reflection: People who gently embrace the lives of the “other” with John 19:26


Behold Love