Being a Catechist

As I watch
for an expression on your face
as proof that you can tell I believe
in greater depth than this lucidity

As I watch
I pray that Christ becomes visible
well beyond what your eyes now see
to sense that His love last for eternity

As I watch
my courage dig deep into His well
of life to bring forth refreshing truths
that nourish faith as it grows from youth 

As I watch
his peace and grace un-conceal itself
in the occasional moments we have exchanged
and shared within vignettes He has arranged

As I watch
hope reach out within your inner soul
to a distance further than what you now know
and let you see I am a reason you can trust tomorrow

As I watch
the smile on your face light up the room
in joy with others as loves flame ignites
a spark of further desire in God’s delights

As I watch
you move outside of what we had
well into your own time and atmosphere
I pray you feel Christ’s heart is always near

Near the end of a Confirmation year we had a session that left me breathless in how connected these young people had come in such a short period of time. A catechist of course does indeed do a little more than watch. However, true joy comes from the faith, hope and love that we have found ourselves and now actively participate in as we get to watch the Holy Spirit in action. 

For further reflection: Letters of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton