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I am passionate about sharing my observation of God’s grandeur and Christ’s love for us in the ordinary moments of our lives.  To do so, I lead a number of ministries at my church which include for doing for others and especially important are those ministries that are being for others and prayer. In my own experiences as St. Paul says “Pray Always” is the most critical part of being Christian. I express my own prayer life in many ways including this Web Site you are on now. Please see below for some of the material in book form available on Amazon and the reason why.

I have been fortunate enough to be receive Spiritual Direction for a decade and believe it should be a consideration in all Christian lives. However there are not enough Christian Spiritual Directors available for those who desire a deeper prayer life. I do pass on what I have learned now through Spiritual Direction for others.

I would like to promote Spiritual Direction more broadly but to not have the personal funds to do so.  I am beginning to offer the various materials on this Web Site in book form on Amazon Kindle and from Amazon in printed book form in order to raise funding for this goal of promoting Christian Spiritual Direction.  If you feel drawn to help in this goal please consider purchasing one of more of these books on Amazon as 100% of what is raised will go towards a fund for satiating the need for Christian Spiritual Direction.  Thank you very much in advance.

Although by Night is a compilation of daily Scripture Reflections for 2018. It is available on Amazon on Kindle Unlimited for free, Kindle for $2.99 or in printed edition from Amazon for $7.99. All proceeds from the sales of the book will go to promoting Spiritual Direction.

Dipsao coverDipsao – I Thirst is based on the scriptural transliterated Greek word “dipsa­­­­­­ō” which means the state of being thirsty. Blessed Mother Theresa concluded  that Christ’s striking words are a prayer of an endless two-way thirst of both giving and receiving love. I have had my thirst satiated by countless Christ like people so I humbly share their “I” and their effect on me. Also available on Kindle.

The Kingdom of HeavenGood and honorable priests who are committed to their charism and are exemplars of Christian holiness deserve nothing less than their Church finding ways to re-elevate them in the eyes of the world. A partial solution is to leverage their sanctity so they more deeply become “merchants seeking the finest pearls.” Click here for a Web version or a download is available on Amazon on Kindle Unlimited or $.99 otherwise. All proceeds go to promoting Spiritual Direction.