Camels Gate

When its radiant light illuminates I cannot doubt
I cannot deny, a new lesson appears to figure out

During Mass I watched the Cross’ thin silhouette
become a needle with a horizontal thread inset

It would seem scripture was clear on this metaphor
But, upon further reflection I knew there was more

I must let go sometimes of humanities constraints
and give my hand to Christ for canvas and paint 

The needle suspended over divided waters, peculiar
In silence, meditation yielded what seemed familiar

The needles points, two different kinds of poverty
Opposite ends, physical and spiritual needing beauty

The thread leads our quest to pass through the eye
Reached by spiritually applied to poverties silent cry

There was more to come, I knew from His history
as the landscape was quite rich in complex tapestry

Hidden within this paintings scripture, a deeper view
as I saw the needle is always rising towards You

Its seems to live as examples of Christ’s love
shows others how they might also rise above

This wall that separates us is not from bad or good
Rather the wall is manmade, the wall is falsehood

It must be breached so living water can be shared
So it flows in unity as God intended, unimpaired

We must give up self and trust deep in our faith
So we can walk like the camel through the narrow gate


We live in a world of haves and have nots.  It has taken me a lifetime to realize this.  Is it that the gate (the needles eye) is too small for the camel to pass through or perhaps rather that I am too large?

For further reflection: Luke 18