Chalice of Love

Receive Christ’s love from this golden Chalice
  It will give you strength to see His sacrifice
    He gave this pure life to give us new life

   In memory, He still rises to erase our sins
     and gives deeply of himself repeatedly
       So we can feel His adoration within

       Taste its warmth flowing inside out
        Let reason leave behind its doubts
         Free strong will let love breakout

            Each week we trust as men
             That He will visit us again
                 Now, real, Heaven


                   All we have to do
                Is believe the unseen

On Holy Thursday of 2007 I was a Eucharistic Minister.  It seemed like everyone wanted to drink the Blood of Christ. About half way through the procession of people I noticed there was nothing left in the Chalice.  Despite that fact, I forced myself to believe without looking there was at least the fumes of Blood in the cup for each person so I continued to share the “Blood of Christ”.  No one seemed surprised when I handed them an empty Chalice as I carefully watched each person go through the motions. In complete disbelief when I got back up to table to return what I thought was an empty Chalice, I saw there was a little pool of Blood at the bottom. Apparently everyone had indeed received in their belief that Christ blood was giving them new life.

My mind spun out of control while at the same time seemed to spiral upward. I somehow lifted the cup to my mouth to consume the last of the precious Blood.  I staggered back to my seat in the process knowing we were without doubt in the presence of the pure deep real love of Christ and in communion with the saints. There is no longer a question in my mind that Blood as mentioned so many times in the bible past and present as Eucharist is a glimpse towards our future in heaven.

For further reflection: : John 6