Christ Has Won

Three years have passed as a blur since I said yes out loud
Much has changed since then, love eliminates being proud
From the darkness behind clouds pain, was a luminous sun
Mercy peeled away layered perceptions, Christ has won

My senses have been blinded, not needed in this new life
Grace and beauty are everywhere, from people to wildlife
A sense of peace surrounds everything, it knows me well
I belong now to the cosmos, my soul set free from its shell

Happiness is now permanent, far fewer demons left to fight
Except those outside of self needing to learn what is right
Everything has grown brighter, hope rides upon peace’s back
Light’s shadow walks along, holds me to the weaving track

Words find me in the nothingness, writing within my heart
Directions I can choose to follow, to let my humanity impart
Grace has found its way to melt the outer vessels appetite
United with creation, I am bathed in the garden’s new light  

For now it is time to close the open door, walk inside again
Enjoy the warmth from the fire, heat released from within
I have no doubt of wonder cast and spreading in the world
God’s vision was resurrected and is now slowly unfurled


Three years ago I said yes to something I could not explain, and still cannot, other than a deeply felt perception of an endless love. I have explored that love experimentally, discovering profound inner peace along the way.  It seems now that whatever the world throws at me, its grief is momentary. I cannot help but see beauty in everything and everywhere.  God’s light seems on, despite darkness’ intensity.  While I wait to understand exactly what I have said yes to, I feel compelled to be a better person.

For further reflection: 2 Corinthians 3