Today it seemed I must leave home to meditate
to be enchanted by creation’s wondrous state
God has brought me to edges I could not see
Again I ask, what more he could want from me
I’ve walked through the silence to the other side
Where darkness is nothing like what is implied
In the new distance, noises, these I understand
Mistakes that need forgiveness also from man

His grace continuously blesses and sanctifies
But this is earth, consumed with choices and lies
We need to immerse our hands in God’s creation
So we are deeply grounded inside love’s relation

On the edge of this cliff, viewing a cascading brook
I ask for His patience; let us correct what we took
For I am one of many others who see and mourn
Who seek beyond communion to fix what is torn


It’s one thing to recognize that you have escaped into a world of loving God and neighbor with your whole heart; it’s another to figure out what you are supposed to do about it.  To have sudden comprehension that so much is wrong with the world that needs repair is extremely overwhelming.  Luckily it was a temporary view, as God knew as a human I could only take so much. Peace came quickly as usual, but I could not help think of the cliff in Song of Songs (2:14).  I came away from this visit with more clarity than I entered, but knew I needed time to absorb what it all meant.

For further reflection: Genesis 1 – the first 5 days