Scripture for Additional Rosary Bead Mysteries

Contemplatio Absconia Mysteria – To Contemplate Hidden Mysteries

Rosary Mysteries and Additional Scriptural Mysteries for Rosary Beads


Contemplatio Absconia Mysteria Image Below are Scriptural Rosary Mysteries of the Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious and Luminous mysteries with additional experimental Scriptural Rosary Mysteries inspired by Pope John Paul II invitation to explore other personal mysteries that may be found in Scripture using art for contemplation. For additional introductory information: Introduction to Contemplatio Absconia Mysteria – To Contemplate Hidden Mysteries 

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The artist in these Scriptural mysteries is James Tissot. Some of his art is now in the public domain and available as non-copyrighted downloads from the Brooklyn Museum (, The Jewish Museum ( and WikiArt ( web sites. I have followed their publication guidelines such as using proper captions and acknowledgment for use.