Desert Sands

Desert Sands

The cascading brook returns whispers to you
that we are safe
Behind your door, your room becomes outwardly holy
as you enter into its vastness

Your silent walk in the bitter cold display’s your warmth
in crystal breaths
Fingers within the roaring flames are visible outlines
of your request for tenderness

Your eyes like lakes of shining pearls are just a glimpse
of your inner iridescence
There are those, that ask, why do you need
to rest in this solitude

They struggle to believe prayer can
touch and gather God’s mercy
Yet, in quiet acts of deep contemplation
divinity responds

You know you have so much more to do
more joy to give and receive
We can learn to participate in this embrace
under the waiting branches of life’s trees

gathering love willingly among the lilies
in the ponds of Christ’s wilderness
Invited, we can join briefly in communion
refuge, from worldliness

There are men and woman all over the world who away from the hustle and bustle in quiet solitude, are constantly praying for us. While they do have their own sense of joy it is because they know they are helping us. They inwardly know their mission is to ask for God’s mercy on all of mankind. Some live in cloistered monasteries, some are hermits and some live directly within our midst, occasionally turning themselves off to their surroundings.

These solitary moments are not just for desert people. Through this process of seeing Christ’s love in many others I have witnessed moments where busy people, entirely give of themselves on our behalf in brief moments of prayer. The ladder’s climb is the step after adoration, a step that moves someone past prayer for themselves. They have discovered how to be close to God to open doors for others. They abandon all desire for self, join in the community of saints in a prayer of contemplation so that others may find Christ within themselves.

For further reflection: Cloistered Brothers and Sisters and Matthew 6:6, Luke 1:6 Canticle of Zechariah

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