Dipsaō – I Thirst

His humble last words;

I Thirst

My thoughts wander
Why speak of thirst
with no human need left to quench
Liquid, cannot be the request

His plea in this dark moment
His lasting message
can only be; for Love
Only love could satisfy this thirst

Heaven responds; love God, love neighbor
From Christ inside, from this same breath
His gentle whisper

I Thirst

The response of living souls to this love
is to become the robe to be touched
reflecting back it’s healing promise

My thoughts climbed in the prayer
All I could offer
was a fleeting, solitary tear
a tiny drop full of love
drawn from Christ’s endless stream
Love’s call, for a moment, was fulfilled


This short meditation begins to show my personal appreciation to all of those that knew or in some cases did not know I was spiritually holding their hands. I have become convinced Christ last words of “I Thirst” was a mystical message meant for us to explore. For me it is clear he was whispering “Love God and love neighbor”. It is easy to imagine both human and divine sides of these words, a single meaning fits both, His Thirst is for love.
I humbly ask you to think about how you feel when you pray for, speak or touch someone in need. Was your thirst satiated?  Each time our own selflessness is set aside for someone else we are Christ like. I have come to understand without reservation, that love is God’s food for us! This food, agape, allow us to accept the mystery of the communion of saints in heaven and earth praying with us. Their whispers of strength and encouragement reach out in love to others.  Our own tears join with divinity forming an endless stream of life giving water, which Christ freely offers us to drink from.

For further reflection: Every Christ filled person with John 19:28


Living Stream