Distance to be Measured

The world of physics measures distance in far and in between
But I have found a space where nothing in the gap can be seen
Its boundaries, love and hope of humanity, divinity has tied
This love cannot be severed even though men have often tried

You might ask how I know, when science cannot prove a thing
My answer is a sense that every cell is beyond simply being
God’s house spans across the divides, embedded in our DNA
Precious genes unite together with our souls to touch YHWH  

Inside each space is an empty womb that we choose how to fill
One choice is with things and pleasures as that is our freewill
Here we find a fleeting happiness with joy that does not last
As our wombs quickly empty from the nothingness amassed

As believers we know these empty spaces to be of God’s design
Homes for faith, hope and love that freewill is meant to find
Wombs that are never empty, sometimes bursting at the seams
Spilling out His goodness between distance short to extremes

I see every single object lies within the distance of His breath
As everything is connected in birth and especially after death
For then there is no emptiness as we are filled within His light
And the distance to be measured is no longer within the finite

I was preparing to give a Witness on why the Rosary has importance for me. My thoughts drifted to Mary and the repetition of her womb in prayer. As the thoughts deepened, I envisioned thousand of wombs inside of us.  Deeper still the thoughts went to the hierarchy of cells, DNA and genes until I saw the womb in each gene.  Each one touching one another, each one capable of filling like little balloons with faith, hope and love.  Each one near bursting sometimes, overflowing in joy to be shared with others both in the here and now and beyond.  Each one connected to everything with no distance that can be measured.
For further reflection: Luke 1