Divinity Glistens

Herein lies the dilemma of what could not be
Suspended in the air a drop of precious divinity
Doubt tried to flush it out, figment of my eyesight
But there it was, freshly glistening reflected light

As I shook my head to clear it away from view
the scene evolved to cluttered shapes all askew
My heart beat so loud I could hear its sound
I had no choice but solely witness the profound

Precious drop humbly moved towards the dark
Shapes each took turns positioning to embark
Where this journey was headed I could not see
as the armada steadily drifted from my reality

I have thought about this from time to time
Knowing there is a message in the sublime
Sometimes lessons are not quite so clear
Even though the distance is measured near

I think these souls so close were whispering to me
they intimately knew this drop of Christ’s energy
For now I can only believe what I drink of Eucharist
Is a lowly preview of what I believe must exist

Sometimes my imagination can play real tricks on me.  However, I can never let down my guard, as perhaps there is a lesson involved.

For further reflection:    Romans 2