Donation to Immersive Prayer

First of all thank you for your prayers, thoughts, consideration and appreciation for this Web Ministry site. I am graced to this opportunity to share these reflections as a witness to God’s grandeur and Christ’s glorious rippling of love. As the site continues to grow, the cost to host and maintain it has also increased.  At the moment I am able to cover all the cost, but I realize very soon these cost will exceed what I am able to afford.  I wish to remain anonymous as a gesture of humility and I do not want to have an ad supported ministry as I have seen inappropriate ads appear on otherwise perfect Web Ministry sites. 

It will take only a small increase to cover the incremental expected cost of the Web Ministry hosting and maintenance and as soon as that is covered I will remove this donation post.  I feel that if you do make a contribution it would be appropriate to thank you as a supporter on a Donor page. Please let me know if you would like your name even if it is only your first name and a or a link to your own web site if you would like. 

Clicking this donation button will take you to a PayPal page that you can donate with a credit card or from your PayPal account. Thank you in advance for considering a small donation.

May Christ’s love, peace and joy be with you for eternity,

Peace, Jerry

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