Life’s blindness had hidden the encounters of paradise
I missed the here and there dots connecting to the unknown
I did not see the walls had disappeared in well-lit moments
Unnoticed, barriers had been broken, restraints removed

In an autumn foliage color change, undulating in the breeze
you unexpectedly came along, a soul tranquil within the flux
showing me calm within my storm, peace within the rage
I had found evidence that grace can collect in a single entity

I saw you leap, landing safely onto a waiting slender limb
Afraid to ask how, instead I simply observed your moves
You let me grasp the complete fullness of Christ inside you
You became real, not the misunderstood dream of a fool

Here, right in front of me, high above my eye level view
I discerned there were many more of you to be found
An endless supply of hidden gems visible in certain light
helping me release my burdens, uncover my weaknesses

I began to perceive a steady change cooling desires flames
Distant visits left no choice, the invitation had to be accepted
This letting go is not easy, as much needs to be abandoned
so that we may be re-arranged within a different season

In this dual agreement, Glory’s shadow remains closely by
Divinity illuminates the unique tree we are each to climb
Becoming apparent above the ground between the branches
is a holy vortex, funneling narrowly outward into everything


We all know saintly people. Their encounters sometimes take our breath away and we can at best only observe. If we allow it, over time osmosis can draw us into their sphere and the perceived walls between us can melt away.  This is when we may hear them talk about their friendship with a Saint. When we allow ourselves the freedom to explore, we may discover we are surrounded by this community. There, beyond the ordinary is a beauty through and past the darkness. Perhaps we can see it gathered between the branches within mornings new light.

For further reflection: The Holy among us and Romans 1

imageThrough Branches Beauty