Falcon’s Pace

I thank you Lord for raptors wings
To climb up thermals spiral tracings
For height reached, never imagined
Touched for a moment without end

When I leave from your embrace
Let me stoop at falcons pace
A quick return to be with men
Who wish to hear of you again

And when I rest along cliffs face
Let me dream in breaths of grace
Wings unfold, to heaven I soar
At falcons speed, let me explore

Free to find your gentle breeze
Free to fly sweeping journeys
Let me share flights I have flown
So I do not feel, so all alone

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One Saturday morning I woke up before dawn and read Sermon 62 from St. Bernard of Clairvaux.  In it he describes his interpretation of a cliff within the book Songs of Songs from the Old Testament. Reflecting on this I knew of a small cliff not to far a walk in the woods in the back of my house.  I went straight for it and when I arrived immediately I heard the screech of what I thought was a hawk. It turned out to be a falcon high above, chasing the thermals.  My mind drifted to thoughts of what if I could go where that falcon goes.

St. Bernard’s sermon became intensely real in the moment as I realized I had been touched by Christ a long time ago and that moment had never left. Yet here I was again soaring to new heights like so many times before, understanding new levels in the experience.  I realized that even at rest I can go to unknown places I have not explored before.  According to St. Bernard, this is one of the things the Church expects from us – to go places that God suggest and tell others of our journeys.  I am just now discovering how to do that, as this poetry is a first step and there is so much more to tell.

For further reflection: St. Bernard of Clairvaux  – Sermons on the Song of Songs (Sermon 62)