Father, Forgive Them, They Know Not What They Do

Freed from sin, escaping beyond human boundaries
is our right, God’s gift to us despite our inadequacies
The path, which can take us away from life’s transgressions
can only be found in the holiness of forgiving confessions

Christ’s own words, draw us towards cleansing living waters
where sin disappears, lifted away by spiritual liberators
White collared men with their own burdens watch evil flee
With a few words; absolution as Alter Christus, in empathy

Their blessing, a glance for a split second at heaven’s gate
Our task is to surrender, forgive and forget our fear and hate
Free to fly, we are released, God is there, love, is there
Briefly, we know who we are to be, as we become aware

Forgiven; joy oozes from every pore, we, are at peace
This road must be walked if our desires are to decrease
Wholeness is not just self, it must also contain divine
Our darkness must be released to let God’s light shine

I don’t often think of how freeing a formal confession can feel.  Perhaps I delay going because I have not committed any major sin.  Certainly, an Our Father or receiving Eucharist can wash away the minor stuff. But, is this truly what Christ is saying to me on the Cross? Is Christ only forgiving those that put him there or is he making a larger claim? In my ignorance of my disorders, my self-passions, our own definition of morality can I righteously say I am pure enough to see the face of God?  I admit I do not feel that way except for a few brief seconds after an honest confession.

My faith has led me to believe that despite whatever state of grace a priest might be in, Christ becomes present.  The priest is in fact Alter Christus (another Christ).  After confession, I always feel myself mentally joining Christ on the cross as he pours out his empathy and I am forgiven. For a moment I feel holy, I feel worthy, I know the Father has washed away everything and I have no choice but to also forgive those that have trespassed against me, I become aware of what I must do.  Thank you God for your gift of Alter Christus.

For further reflection: The confessional and Luke 23:34



Heaven’s Gate