Fear No Courage

In my youth I was ashamed of it, this thorn in my side
It grew to become the best of me, my joy and pride
For this un-gift has pushed me on to greater things
My faith has left me listening for what God brings

For years I missed the clues of His whispered subtlety
Until one day a hand on my shoulder asked of me
to break free of this human wall of breathing fence
and trust in something that did not come from sense

I fought fears best I could trying deep within my bones
I turned to God to simply say I could not do this alone
On a rock overlooking a brook in the woods I prayed
that God would send confidence to me, to find a way

Wave upon wave of emotions shook me to the core
I watched myself walk through the wall’s open door
Courage overwhelmed, the fear now ancient history
You see I struggle to read aloud even a children’s story

Firmly embraced by the Spirit in comfort at the ambo
The Word is proclaimed with help started so long ago
This gift of courage surrounds the thorn still there
among so many other human deficiencies I still wear

As I approach each one head on, I know the rock
is always there, for me to trust, a place I can talk
to God and ask for help with my human fears
A place I can go to share with Him my human tears

Here I learned to let go the things that hold me back
to let God continue to fill the spaces in which I lack
It is what faith means; to see in what we can believe
With this strength, nothing is impossible to achieve

Many years ago I somehow knew in a very short sequence of events that God found a way for me to become a lector even with a significant learning disability. This singular sequence has continued to cascade into an ever changing horizon that is so very inviting to pursue.

For further reflection:

2 Corinthians 12