For I am Faint with Love

Doves feeding in a field of windrowed golden grain
Fruit from your garden, sweet, from creations soil
I am ravished, desire asks to be ravished even more

I am a new born lamb, I will follow wherever you go
When you are away, I still seek you in my dreams
So draw me, draw me into the depth of your well

Two hearts aflame, burning love in morning light
I am with you, in the wild lilies daily bloom
Forever love me, love me, so eternity never ends

Fragrant perfume scents from beyond earthen sphere
Aromatic spices of saffron, cinnamon and cloves
Blend us both into union’s flawless blend of one

Your strength, a hand hewn beam from stately oak
Dance with me, the dance all perfect lovers know
And hold me, hold me, pleasure pleads do not let go

Bounding, leaping, gravity escapes within your terrain
Delighted, I am raised, my flight blessed with light
And take me, take me into ecstasies only we can go

I hear graces sound reaching across time and space
Your voice sings to me, sings in soothing serenity
Breathe, breathe cool freshness onto life’s concerns

A glance from your eyes, divinity visible to my soul
Sparkling crystal jewels, diamonds, sapphires in gold
Like little suns shining, shining in beauty’s harmony

Your feather touch, releases mercy’s tenderness
Your lips, the taste of exquisite aged casks of wine
Please, kiss me with the kisses of your mouth


The original scriptural scholars struggled with the decision to include Song of Songs in the bible, but in my opinion it was a stroke of genius. It is the ultimate story of love, that of God loving us, and us loving each other with God’s help.  While the spiritually erotic nature of Song of Songs is quite strong, it is no less than the perfection of our marriage to our spouse combined with Christ as any intimate partner would expect. I could think of no better way to speak of the Sacrament of Marriage as ministry other than utilize the genius of “Songs”. As a person who cherishes this Blessed Sacrament I say bring it on, kiss me with the kisses of your mouth!

For further reflection: The Song of Solomon, our spouse and God

Perfections Kiss
Perfections Kiss