For the Just

To let pain take our peaceful thoughts away
would yield a souvenir from the fight
Instead, we struggle to maintain a front
and hide inside what hurts us so much

No one could possibly know the joy
we have within, drives us on to drown it out
Sometimes when it comes to head, we need to disappear
so others do not see what is buried underneath

It is best that way to let God see us
within the shell of our humility
To suffer in quiet is so difficult to do
but from deep within we know, it is necessary

Perhaps if others really knew how we feel
they might begin to see that we are human too
Or perhaps they have a different pain within
and we could share our suffering together

But it seems God wants us to experience our pain
each with a little difference, with our own threshold
It seems like we can use this moment to feel how Christ
bore all what He did for all of us, so we could begin to live

I believe suffering is neither God punishing us or Satan’s doing. Rather I believe it is partially a gift to have some human perception of what Christ went through on the Cross to end suffering. Even with this belief, sometimes our struggles are well beyond our ability to handle.  It is in that supernatural moment of crushing pain we can sometimes reach for an understanding and perhaps even share in His full humanity and full divinity.

For further reflection: St. Theresa of Lisieux – Story of a Soul