My father(s) sweet embrace let go so I could forgive
One gave me life, the other showed me how to live
I felt both present, constant grace and holy freewill
Lessons learned of carpentry, work of craft and skill

Earthly father to earthly son, his love recalled fondly
My role was clear legacy of true humanity with divinity
As my days in both began destiny’s march to its end
I prayed for you to know me before I would ascend

In faith I found myself bound to a promise long before
no fear or temptation could stop that which I adore
It was time to let friends come home from their limbos
and time to open the gates for you to heavens cosmos

My mother watched as Father let go of grace, set me free
I knew your anguish, I knew your pain in my humanity
Superhuman strength began to vanish within my bones
I absorbed it crying out in love, in forgiveness’s moans

Father knew what I must do, He too feeling everything
In tears, we both knew what my death would bring
Because this love, this gift to you, lets you begin again
To live a life full of love, full of my strength as new men

My grace now yours to freely use in all love’s charity
Endless supply for righteous men, for those who believe
I come again into your hearts, for it is you, that I adore
My hope, is you too want to be with me, forevermore

In St. Ignatius Spiritual Exercises he suggests that we put ourselves in Christ shoes as best we can fathom it. St. Ignatius knows it would be sacrilegious to assume we can of course be Christ. We have to ask ourselves without pride yet with deep humility what Christ would want us to be. During these exercises to say I felt the maximum of my human understanding would be an understatement.

For further reflection: The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius

The above link will take you to Creigton University’s online retreat of the Spiritual Exercises which can be accomplished over a 34 week period.