I waited for the Lord, He came to me when He heard my cry
Drew me into the forests and swamps to the quiet of a rock
Where I found many truths, some He had to steady my steps
He put a new song in my mouth, saying I should not be alone
Now I stand awestruck, trusting in the Lord for all I am
I have never been happier as He has helped me turn away
I have seen His wondrous deeds in first hand experiences
I find joy in telling stories that He has made for each of us

I know He wants nothing in return, but I shall give myself
So here I am Lord, mold me, and condition me in my freedom
Doing Your will brings me delight, Your love is in my heart!
I have witnessed my own miracle that You have made of me
I cannot hide what is within my heart so I proclaim in poetry
Even in my darkest times Your kindness tells me You are there

When I fall as I always do, Your forgiveness gives me courage
Your grace quickly finds a home when I reach out for Your help
There are forces all about, who do not want for me to succeed
They are left to shake their heads not knowing how I get strength
I know many others that feel the same gladness within Your glory
Though my afflictions and spiritual poverty, You still think of me
God, do not delay, let me have what You have in mind for me


Any person that writes Christian poetry can’t help but find inspiration in the Psalms.  This poem is my interpretation of how significant Psalm 40 is to me. Here I am Lord.

For further reflection:  Psalm 40