Golden Glow

  morning sunbeams thread their way in shallow angles
  squeezed narrow though natures arms
  of tree branches waiting for a breeze

  stands still to brighten the ground in golden glow
  I stand to walk and reach its landing spot
  but it moves to no longer exist

  rise along with it to watch the beautiful orb
  subtly begin its gentle climb well overhead
  and know it will then come down again

  I contemplate and do not let go for there is more
  as days awakens so dark we cannot see
  or so bright we must look away

  I reach for the mind that thought to make this perfect
  distance from Earth useful for humankind
  and why this moment was meant to be

  to thank God for we are blessed with His Son and sun
  for the here and now of all they bring
  such pure examples of your grace

  I am
  I have found
  in this humility

I woke up early one summer morning and just sat to reflect on a bench seat in the yard. All of a sudden, this thin golden beam of sunlight literally lit up a spot on the lawn, about a foot in diameter. I saw where it entered the tree branches and I starting to walk toward the spot the beam landed. As I approached something instead stopped me to watch and let it disappear. It was quite surreal as I realized how many things had to be perfectly aligned at that precise moment so I could see and imagine greater still. All I could do was to thank God for His extraordinary graceful way of acknowledging me. It was a remarkably humbling experience.

A couple of years later I had taken a picture of a mushroom while on a early morning hike. When I stood up there right in front of me a sunbeam had landed.  Obviously God wanted me to take the picture as the camera was still on.  Needless to say if not for gravity, I too would have evaporated into the day just like the sunbeam did a few seconds later.

For further reflection: St. Francis of Assisi Canticle of Brother Sun (The Canticle of the Creatures)