Gravity gives up to a force that is impossible to resist
Scientific dimensions once firmly known, do not exist
Matter evaporates, shedding bones and skin’s veneer
Flesh, only a vessel for a soul in the upper atmosphere

Words struggle to describe the slow ascent physically
Yet, they try to help ground the mystery of the reality
With prayer we can rise far above mankind’s pressure
Even a brief touch can yield to Christ’s cross’s pleasure

All that is material cannot compare to that far beyond
But for now, in the glass darkly mirrored, we respond
On this surface, in the shadow of heaven’s real space
Our goal, not so simple, as we cannot see face to face

It becomes clear that we must not hide from mistakes
As God can penetrate the wall of evil’s shifting shapes
We too can escape senses limits towards creation’s joy
By returning His favors, we restore what we destroy


Imagine if you will, two two-way mirrors back to back.  In one we see our reflection back, but Christ can see right through. In the other directly opposite, we perceive Christ and Christ can see our reflection back.  What if for one brief second Christ allowed you to see what he sees?    Do you think it would be the same view?  I have begun to challenge the notion that on any level I am not grasping what God intended for us in the Garden.

However, there is hope.  I have learned to briefly give myself entirely to Christ to see what is returned in the reflection. While nothing is visible, I can truly feel the unconditional love.  I’m thinking if I can brace myself to do it again and again, perhaps if I am fortunate, all the known forces in the universe will give in and let me slip through the mirrored surface.  
For further reflection: 1 Corinthians 13