Have You Felt Where I Have Been?

A geography that I have grown to understand
 The horizon 234 miles away from 40,000 feet
 9 mountains in a circle with another in the middle
 The shores of 3 different oceans
 A sky so blue the brightness hurts your eyes
Because God put each there in the first place

Exhaustion from human endurance
 To run long distance races with your all might
 Repeatedly attempt 50 MPH on a bicycle
 Multiple 100 mile bike rides called a century
 Hiking 15 miles at 4 MPH an hour
 Canoeing upstream against the wind with no other option to return
Because God held my heart in His hand helping it to pump

Extreme Poverty
 Entire families huddled in a boat half the width of a room
 Aborigines living in grass huts
 In metal shacks rusted from a generation before
 Slums with more rats than people
 Rivers smelling of sewerage with no place to go
 Street people selling wild nuts because it is all they had
Because even so I saw smiles on their faces that had to come from God

Beauty in nature
 A single leaf dancing in the wind calling out to be touched
 Beds of flowers and mushrooms wild yet looking groomed
 A cloud rimmed with the glow of the sun all around
 A late night borealis shimmering in the sky
 Birds, animals, and insects displaying themselves to others
 The immense darkness yet internal light of deep woods
Because God the artist painted them

Precious life
 Grow into fullness and spread her wings
 Last just for seconds but journey to the right place
 Be restricted yet still enjoyed
 Taken in breaths struggling to make sense in the pain
 Given so all can be forgiven
 Because the God I know lets us see this humanity to know the next

Artwork created by man
 Crops grown in circles as far as the eye can see
 Reservoirs damned to protect in floods
 A painting of a train with a lighting blue background
 Children grow from a baby to an adult
 Mystical poetry with layers to understand
Can you be certain this was only made by men?

Mistakes be forgiven
 Sometimes taking time to heal
 Instantly with a smile
 When you knew that was exactly what was needed
 As if they never existed
Because Christ calls us to use this gift within each of us

Because I have felt where I have been:
 I wait in hope to meet the Trinity
 I sense a beauty I have not yet seen
 I feel the community of the beyond
 I know the call of God
 I know I can help fix the wrong
 I know where I want to be
I believe God is here with me

Sometimes God abandons you on purpose to give you strength for something else He has planned. If you are in the habit of knowing God is with you all the time, there is no worse feeling than not being able to sense His presence even if briefly. It is a very dark place that cannot be described in words. You can pray as much as you want but only God can lift this darkness. I was heading well into my second such day in a row and had to prove to myself like so many times before that God existed even in the current condition. In my anguish I found the proof in prior beauty, experiences, life, and endurance. Once understood literally hours later the grief ended for me. In these times I do not give up hope and thank God when it passes. In this case I am convinced God wanted me to experience that without Him Satan would have free reign over my soul.

For further reflection: Psalm 71