Holding Beauty

It is hard to imagine sexuality conquered
yet claimed by a spouse without human form
and worldliness left behind completely
Divine truth reveals they are held in beauty

Their desires beyond normalcy’s wavelength
Where humility empowers spiritual strength
Deep prayer binds the here and now to there
Their senses freed in the exalted rarified air

Old friends remain close, but unreachable physically
Family gatherings become a distant memory
Conversation is fulfilled by a different light
Held by Christ’s Love, grace turns all bright

They desire of us to touch the face of the poor
as direct change is not in their domain anymore
Surrendering, they need no personal success
Eternity holds heaven out to us because of their yes

Church visits are insufficient for the task at hand
In their room’s walls, they enter God’s wonderland
Divinity is gladly present to await their request
Possibilities unfold as they hold us in prayers rest

They, are not forgotten, we pray for what they do
Their hold spiritual, their love arrives like morning dew
God’s joy flows freely into their soul’s opening
Love’s power conquers death in our own awakening

The question is not why they chose this way of life
But how the journey can help lead to glory’s afterlife
Our beating hearts accept their holiness in synchronicity
Christ holds us together to become Martha and Mary


My experience of he vowed and chaste life was limited to mostly childhood memories of visits to a common parlor room. Recently, those memories were brought to life during unique visits to two monasteries. There is a connecting thread that I will not forget. These men and woman spend their lives in prayer. As sensual people, we may not be able to grasp how these individuals can put behind all worldliness.

For further reflection: Mary, her sister Martha and for contemplatives with Luke 10:38-42


Light in the Darkness