Despite the fact darkness was only two hours away
A trail called to me in ways that I cannot explain
Its pull now familiar, remarkably distinct and bold
I am no longer able to refuse it’s silent hidden strength
The source invisible, clearly known from deep within

I had to leave home behind, stretch beyond the walls
On each visit, the forest releases a gift for my heart
Its secret ways never known, subjects almost anything
In action, in touch, in smell, in sight, in taste and sound
I chanced to enter its domain never sure what lays ahead

I walked a path free to absorb, dusk approaching fast
The place clearly felt, but no end point to be resolved
So strange this journey, without a specific destiny
Sun fell down below the tree line, no choice but back
My eyes adjusted to the route, despite the sky now dark

My thoughts wandered to what was lesson I had learned
I thought that this time there was nothing in the walk
In that thought, in that moment, back where I began
I realized my total blindness to life’s simple reality�
At once I knew I had been where I was supposed to be

For I had felt crunch of frizzled moss in a stream bed
I found a mushroom that I knew was choice to taste
I saw the sun slip behind the trees, into nothingness
I had smelled the dry air of the forest panting for rain
A creature’s dreamy screech visited my very core

There was little to learn from each of these individually
Every sense was somewhat different, somewhat unique
Together their secret treasure spread the answer wide
The lesson now brightly obvious, in spirit, in humanity
God’s sweet touch in moments now easy to find at home


Summer was turning to fall with daylight getting shorter. After supper one evening, I had this urge to take a hike even though at best I had less than an hour of daylight. I usually figure out something in the woods from something God puts in front of me. In this case there was no big thing that caught my attention.  However I realized I had indeed experienced a lot, much like what happens daily in our homes and work.  These little things add up to a big thing especially meaningful of how we treat and act like around the people that we care for.

For further reflection: Brother Lawrence – Practice of the Presence of God