How Different Can We Be

I have to ask do zebras really care about the difference in their stripes
I wonder how different can we be from what God had in mind for us
Did he imagine these variations would result in unique human sin
Proof it seems, is that our intelligence is in our heads, not our skin

Was it his intent for countries to have such a difference in wealth
I have to ask what causes so many men to not see past themselves
Or even for a single person to amass more than they can ever use
The proof is found in Jesus, Word made human flesh, self diffused

How can we justify that what we own is better than what we give
It just does not make sense, this cannot be how we should live
I have to ask, can’t everyone love, God must have thought that way
Proof is how some people have found the will to give it all away

We must break through these boundaries to discover far beyond
Let God, help us move past these limits, break free of the bonds
No doubt, the proof of what matters is not how different I can be
Instead to ask, to seek the truth and try to be no different than He


A friend had just returned from Darfur. Quoting a famous economist, he said “we won the lottery when we are born in the US”.  He told me that anyone earning over $50,000 a year is in the top 1% of the world’s wealthiest people. I was instantly transformed and realized there is no way that this is could have been what God had in mind for us.

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