In a Single Word

Visits to the homebound came next, you knew they would respond
When darkness came, you were not blind to purgation’s effect
Language of our faith important, you prompted me to learn it well
You knew the transcendent moments, I had to let the I escape itself
We, became visible, we, are all together, we, all joined to the one

You shocked me as the word mystic, described our journeys path
Then, a test, what does humble, holy, self, mean for my destiny
Your ladder down grounded, when flights touched heavens edge
I should express myself, let beauty flow, love will reveal the truth
Christ has won my freedom, together we watch evil step aside
Another treasure, ecclesial, the future defined, fear well behind
In calm certitude, you claimed it was time to become present

Your own charism obvious, help humanity celebrate God’s love
by encouraging each daughter and son, into what we can grow to be
In your hidden strength, fidelity to His word, virtues starting place
Pointing to the Cross, you say “this man”, is resurrections promise
United, we call out to the Spirit, to bring Christ into us as Eucharist
You breathe onto bread and wine, as we all transform into Christ
We the body consume ourselves, giving back the precious gift
His salvations victory sanctifies, we have become whole again
Together, Church not a single moment, rather Spirits permanence

Pentecost never left, in you the fire’s peaceful light never ceases
Our Priest, our friends, holy men, complete, full of love for us
My humble gift, a short prayer for you, power through eternity
Peace and joy to you; In the name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit


From the beginning of writing reflections on ministries, I knew writing a poem about Priests that have been instrumental in guiding me on my journey would be difficult.  God always reveals the answer if we patiently wait and are open to these movements. In an assignment for my Ministry as Vocation class the answer became quite obvious.

It hit me that significant eureka moments of my faith with my Priest friends came in a single word from them, most often defining something I must do. While I cannot describe it in words, there was no doubt I had become aware of the holiness in each moment.  Each of these men had found a personal permanence of Spirit within, which I have discovered in myself because of them. They love us in ways that as lay people we may never understand. May the Holy Spirit continue to fill their hearts and bless their Charism for eternity no matter where they may be.

For further reflection: Priests mission of sanctifying with 1 Samuel 3:1-10

Spirit Flames
Spirit Flames