Certain days cycle in between awake and sleeping
when our hearts wrestle with smiles and weeping
Even in between there is desire for the permanent
Seasons offer a metaphor for a changed covenant

Winter’s death lets the sun sparkle on a frozen lake
Roots in spring, flame in colors to again re-awake
In summer play there is time for self to rejuvenate
Fall brings a calming end, our chance to acclimate

Yet, in between there are moments we do not own
when God approaches halfway, not far from home
and builds a place of silent forgiveness of our past
We too must draw away from the daily iconoclast

Here, in between the noise of life’s ups and downs
is Christ’s peace, to soothe unexpected sundowns
His gentle breeze, shared breath from faith unseen
makes shadows bright and cast for us an evergreen

There is hope beyond, in now – not yet permanency
as we move outside and accept His transcendency
Moments when our souls rise free from the surface
to close gaps created in between our human edifice


Creating a habit of prayer opens one half of the channel of communications with God.  This does not mean God will also approach from the other side but at least I know have opened my heart to the possibility. The atmospheric cycle of constant rain then brief periods of sun in the early summer of 2009 aggravated the bone spurs in my neck beyond normal.  It took a bit of time but I finally accepted the condition as part of God’s plan. I discovered that in between these gaps, I had to enjoy the brief moments of sunshine.  I have found a new metaphor and paradigm for short burst of prayer, as even a moment can be meaningful.

For further reflection: Ephesians 4