In Rows or Circles

Room # 117 was only dark because the light switch was off
On, inner brightness becomes reflected from the faces of joy
Here, imagination is able to enter lakes of endless wonder
Ready, your gentle leadership wells up for the class to begin

Bits and pieces of chatter slowly dissolve into nothingness
as we begin a brief journey together to understanding’s space
Our encounter may last a lifetime or become memory’s blur
Either way, ours group’s time yields moment’s humbly shared

God’s grace blesses those with a deep passion to educate
Inside them, is a burning desire to color hearts into flames
For brief periods, their pastoral role is to care for living souls
To fill and shape is God’s gift; humanities capacity to learn

Nothing is hidden, racism, democracy, and faith addressed
You deal with student personalities from reserved to shouts
Private justice kind, discipline fair unless a promise broken
None are left alone as transforming knowledge sprinkles flare

Interactions connect eyes to eyes in differential complexities
Compassion subtly request an annoying pen’s clicking to cease
Devoted, the belonging community soothes ruffled emotions
Distractions minimized, progress is steady, with miles to go

You lead in collective collaboration, engaging its exploration
Their minds enjoy challenges, feeling safe within your sphere
A hand raised, a question resolved, you, have come prepared
Your humble heart, full of Christ, hears more than its sound

The bell rings, departure joins enthusiast smiles, until again
When all gather in rows or circles for the next lesson planned
You have heard God’s request; love the hungry in your room
Teach, add a layer onto yesterday, so God’s pearls may grow

A friend was going to a retreat weekend and I wanted to write a poem for her. As a student for more than half my life, I have to admit the teachers I have enjoyed the most are Christian. In thinking about her strong desire to teach it was easy to see how she might see herself in the classroom.   I began to appreciate what a Christian focus means for someone that has the responsibility to share their gift with others, even in a secular environment.

Christ inside, is providing a measure of compassion, comfort, peace and courage to begin each day renewed regardless of the day before.
For further reflection: Love filled teachers and Matthew 13:40-44

Future Saints
Future Saints