In this God chosen vista the land dropped behind a dam
Blending the waters expanse seamlessly to touch the sky
The surface of the lake slightly swayed from a gentle breeze
While the midday sun reflected golden beams into the waves

Light danced and shimmered, I found myself in déjà-view
Sparkling blue reflections exposed the depth of my inability
Mere months had passed since I wrote of an endless quest
To follow a precious drop of divinity towards a distant place

I now know I was quite wrong where my imagination took me
How hard our human mind must work to think outside itself
I had looked and thought what I saw seemed to move away
When in reality the armada was instead clearly aimed inbound

So obvious it should have been, yet selfishness prevented it
I thought and guessed that I was supposed to follow divinity
Instead it is headed straight towards my center, my inner self
It is here to help me gather strength for the difficult climb out

Here, to quell my thirst for my own search, my restlessness
To teach, to mend my significant brokenness within its light
So I surrendered again, to leave behind what I was looking for
And found the measure, found true charity, it too found me

Now I see so clearly, learning what I must do is externalize
Every ounce of love must find its way outside my very core
And I am not alone, this journey has never belonged to me
I rather belong to it, dancing on the surface towards the light


At a gorgeous vista overlooking a reservoir, I happened to be positioned just perfectly for the surface of the lake and the sky to be in one continuous view.  The sun hit the lake giving off striking colors of silver and gold that stunned me in the depth of their beauty. I knew instantly that this journey I was on, this quest to follow something was backwards in my thinking.  Beauty was instead coming towards me, I simply had to accept whatever it had to offer and allow it to participate with me.

For further reflection: Galatians 2