Inside Your Head

This time, I is the I of Jerry
I had my own struggle to write
of love hidden from ordinary view

Numerous distractions got in the way
I was blocked, yet I knew I could not give up
as what I found needed to be said

A path appeared in multiple quiet zephyrs
God, again and again created sacred places
brief openings, where I could freely climb

Filled with peace, chaff separated from the wheat
I was able to fully recall details of each scene
which materialized into memory as short vignettes

My emotions were still strong in these encounters
There was one common denominator, one driving force
God; is love, visibly present through many different eyes

Many others are out there, perhaps you know of one yourself
There is one thing left, one thing, you must do for them
They need your thoughts, your prayers, as our body, is one


This small collection of poems, reflections and paintings took a prayer and will power to finally finish. I had taken good notes immediately following the observations, however, when it came time to write, they made no sense. I had almost given up all hope when one day after prayer I had this inner sense it was time to try again. Little wisp’s of memory of each moment would materialize, giving me a chance to commit something to paper or canvas then the thought would disappear. I could not help but think my job was to ride these zephyrs that I knew had to be powered by the Holy Spirit. Deeply felt emotions nor distractions could not hold back expressing examples of what it means to be Christ like.

For further reflection: Prayer for the “other” with 1 Corinthians 12