Into the Tent

We have ageless stories that need to be told
God’s courage guides our voices to be bold
While we laugh and cry in ordinary ways
Without fear, we claim Christ, is alive today

His life and love, can feed the worlds needs
We, must evangelize, to plant His seeds
Not quenched by false worldly freedom
we proclaim the truth of the Spirit’s wisdom

Tranquility lets us listen and absorb discoveries
that must be shouted out about Christ’s victories
Prayers, lead to peace, then action of our own
We, acknowledge what we have always known

That you too, can emerge from inside the mold
to shout out from the mountains, escaping the cold
Making known the wonder of unknowing’s cloud
We are all one body, despite the faceless crowd

Let the roots grow deep, in his life giving stream
Read the Gospels and saintly texts with our team
so that when asked, you can recall something read
Arise to Christ’s light to become Lazarus, un-dead

Travel the distance, like ancestry’s apostles before
Walk with them, in the footsteps of love’s shore
Hear us through, as we build strength upon strength
Join us, so that you too may speak softly in Paul’s tent


I must admit that not so many years ago I was turned off by evangelist. I really could not believe how someone could get up there in front of everyone so seemingly full of “it”. At a Catholic men’s conference it hit me that I have grown to understand that the “it” they are full of has been re-defined. Some of these evangelists are indeed real. I am now certain that what can start off as a little glow can turn into a raging fire.  We may find ourselves in their footsteps, telling everyone how wonderful Christ is. Like St. Paul, our conversion and need to evangelize may mean we have to build our own unique tent, helping others to seek His love.

For further reflection: Current evangelist and the Evangelist

Welcomed into the tent
Welcomed into the tent