Introduction to A Moment for Christ


My poetry is a reflection of a very personal spiritual journey.  Every day we all experience momentary encounters with God. I am quite comfortable in saying that I have moved from believing in the possibility of these encounters to knowing the reality. Faith tells us what to do with the truth when we understand this reality.  
You may have heard the expression that someone cannot see the forest through the trees.  I am the opposite; most often, I do not see the trees.  But, when I do they are on fire. When these subtleties catch my attention I have learned God is trying to teach me something. I am not alone as God provides unique experiences for each personality He is invited to visit.  We each have our own sensitivities to what we think we have or have not experienced. Perception of course like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.  A belief system that considers God may be intimately involved in your life awakens and magnifies this perception. 
I have come to understand that like an onion I need to throw away the outer skin of these experiences to get at the edible inner layers.  It is here I find my “Moments for Christ”, it is here I find how God wants me to apply my humanity. To say I am a little nervous about exposing my private life, thoughts and moments to friends and family would be an understatement.
I have been told that my poetry can be used for immersive prayer. You can put yourself into the poem as if you are experiencing it and meditate on what God may be saying to you. May your own journey continue towards an ever moving horizon beyond the known you know right now.