Introduction to Dipsao – I Thirst

Introduction to Dipsao – I Thirst


In a brief moment within the quiet solitude of prayer, I asked God why the concept St. Paul so eloquently expresses; yet I live, no longer I, but Christ lives in me (Galatians 2:20) echoed repeatedly in my mind. The answer was simply “I Thirst”. As sometimes happens in scripture translation to English, the transliterated Greek word “dipsaō” means the state of being thirsty. I have come to conclude as Blessed Mother Theresa did, that this striking thought is a prayer of an endless two-way thirst of both giving and receiving love, manifesting as both human and divine. All Jesus asks, is to allow his presenc¬e to enter and change us as he offers a sip from his endless well of love, satiating our thirst, by loving as he did.

This quest for love’s thirst let me perceive I had been and needed to be further immersed into the scenes and intimacy of individuals and groups past, present and future that deeply love others. God created moments where I might be like Joshua son of Nun, silently present at the edge of the column of clouds at their tents. Here, face to face, I was witness to their embraces, able to observe what it means to be Christ like in their prayer, humility, faith and action. The result is my humble attempt to share their “I” and their effect on me.

As you read these vignettes, I would ask two things of you. The first is to gratefully see yourself in them as you are indeed there. The second is to pray that the Holy Spirit continues to warm the living water in the hearts of others you may recognize so they may continue to behave as Jesus teaches. No doubt, Heaven awaits all souls still bound to earthen tasks.

In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.