Introduction to The Color of My Heart

When I finished writing “A Moment for Christ” in 2008 I thought it was the complete reflection of my spiritual journey.  I was wrong; instead I see I am at the beginning of a longer journey, one that will require continued processing of God’s past, present and future actions in my life. 

This last year has been extraordinarily profound for me. I have discovered by sharing who I am in my writing I am opening the door for others to share in the intimacy of Christ in their own lives with me. Although seemingly subtle, crossing the boundary of this unknown challenged me to embrace it to an even greater extent. You will find an even broader range of intensity in my meditations from breathless experiences to my significant and numerous struggles with long periods of not perceiving the presence of God. Faith of course allows one to follow the contours of whatever God has in mind.  

With the exception of the last few pages, my thoughts are not presented in a time line fashion but rather in the sequence in which they were written. Please keep in mind that these thoughts are fragments of my life and everyone has their own unique story.  For reasons I am still not quite able to explain I feel compelled to tell my story. Perhaps these forty vignettes will provide an opportunity for you to immerse yourself in your own moments. Ultimately, I believe what we do with the results of our own stories, otherwise known as the fruit, shows the true color of our hearts.