It is Finished

Urged on to arrive early, my singular thought was to pray
My heart opened to the Spirit’s whispers for me to let go
Trust comfortably settled in, beauty was to be the harvest
Clues arranged perceptively, my role was to silently observe

I watched her float among the small preparation details
It was a perfectly practiced little dance for the coming hour
Her job was to carefully set the table for the mysterious feast
Grace entered her deeply, and Grace precisely poured the wine

Her joy unmistakable in her daily mission, her daily sacrifice
She had found a place of happiness, a place of total surrender
Her human touch responded to love divine, leading, following
The trail of Chalice and Ciborium left behind glowed visibly

When she was done, Christ’s words echoed, “it is finished”
I let the tear slowly find a path down my cheek, my gift back
I instantly understood, her “three years” had repeatedly passed
To come was the last hour, a lasting transforming celebration

She, had given of herself so others could witness the result
As a Sacristan meant her finish, her task, was never done
The scene will not be forgotten, as I know, she knew, I watched
from within the crowd of witnesses, what was and does unfold


I woke up with the thought that I must postpone a morning business meeting so I could go to daily mass. I also felt I was to arrive early which I thought meant I was supposed to pray in the silence.  Instead, when I sat down I was surrounded by peace. All of a sudden there was a flitting about that I recognized I simply was to observe. My mind settled into watching the practiced routine of our Sacristan. I began to see it as a performance morphing into a delicate ballerina type dance.

As sometimes happens my mind continued to focus in on its beauty, connecting the dots of the last scene of Christ’s wonderful preparation moments. Both scenes combined and resolved instantly for me, both celebrating transformations.  A tear still wells up each time I think about what played out in those few minutes. Although it was just the two of us I knew I had been invited into the crowd of witnesses to perhaps get one step closer to accepting the mystery that is God’s love.
For further reflection: The task of Sacristan and John 19:30


imageCrowd of Witnesses